What is DetectR ?

Retail Loss Prevention and Fraud Investigation Software

DetectR is a recently developed cloud-based dashboard designed for retail loss prevention departments to monitor large volumes of data extracted from point of sale registers. It consolidates all data sources, allowing for rapid and easy access to the data required for investigations. The software incorporates self-explanatory visual graphing and uses a unique concept called Transactions of Interest (TOI) as a starting point for many more complex investigations.


Also included in the DetectR software is the ability to “record” the pathway taken through the data during the successful discovery of a fraud. These Investigative Pathways can be stored, reused and therefore substantially reduce the time taken to uncover similar POS frauds occurring in other locations.


The overarching objective of the fraud detection software is not only to reduce retail fraud but to highlight and reduce some of the causes such as process breakdowns and training problems.


Keep your loss prevention teams productive and efficient – no more wasted time waiting for tip-offs, requesting trawls from the IT department and no more bottlenecks of data.


How it Works:


Data Extraction

DetectR processes the millions of transactions from all POS terminals and uploads these to the secure Amazon cloud-based server.  The data is then crunched, analysed and simplified into a dynamic dashboard report. The reports utilise the Loss Prevention Team’s knowledge of the company and policies such that their intuition leads the investigation.


All Data In One Place


Transactions of Interest (TOI)

Transactions of Interest (TOI) are breaches of the processes and policies of the company e.g. A return without proof of purchase or sharing a staff only discount with friends.  We have an encyclopedia of these TOI that have been accumulated over the 30 years of experience we have with retail fraud analysis.

We also work with your Loss Prevention Team to identify additional TOI  unique to your organisation.


Reduce Slippage In Your Retail Business


Explore the Data

Using the TOI and their own knowledge of the business policies the Loss Prevention Officer can now delve into the data. The investigator is confronted with a clear graphical depiction of all occurrences of the selected TOI’s.  This data can be viewed in many ways, regional level, individual store level, right down to salesperson, register, product identifications and even barcodes.


Understand Your Exposure To Employee Fraud


Investigative Pathways

Detectcan recall the steps taken during an investigation and re-play them. This is called an Investigative Pathway, and it saves a huge amount time.


Imagine a Loss Prevention Officer tracking down a retail fraud involving several returns made to different tender types at one outlet. Intuition suggests this could be a scam run out of multiple outlets given that staff commonly swap shifts across the region. Save the investigation, give it a name, and replay the exact same steps for the rest of region in just one click.


Discover How To Reduce Your Retail Shrinkage


A More Productive & Efficient Fraud Investigation

Give your Loss Prevention Teams a secure dashboard with the tools to isolate common retail frauds the ability to save workflows and most impressively prevent repeat executions of complex investigations.

This fast and intuitive data visualisation software delivers a significant improvement in discovery techniques and loss prevention productivity.


Get The Right Tools For The Loss Prevention Team

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